Latest PHP version & PHP download information

Latest PHP versions

Following are the current latest PHP versions that are marked as stable:

PHP 8.2
8.2.314 February 2023
PHP 8.1
8.1.1614 February 2023
PHP 8.0
8.0.2814 February 2023
7.4.3303 November 2022

Download the latest stable PHP versions

Here are the direct links to download the latest stable PHP versions. The links are taken from the download page. We reorganized them for you to get the latest versions easier.

This PHP download page is mainly for manual PHP version download and installation only. For OS-specific PHP download and installation using package manager (yum, apt-get, dnf), there will be tutorials released and updated later.

PHP 8.2.3 download

PHP 8.2.3 general download (Linux, macOS):

PHP 8.1.16 Windows download:

PHP 8.1.16 download

PHP 8.1.16 general download (Linux, macOS):

PHP 8.1.16 Windows download:

PHP 8.0.28 download

PHP 8.0.28 general download (Linux, macOS):

PHP 8.0.28 Windows download:

PHP 7.4.33 download

PHP 7.4.33 general download (Linux, macOS):

PHP 7.4.33 Windows download: